Psoriasis product manufacturer in India

Psoriasis product manufacturer in India

For the 1St Time Flagship Biotech International had come up with a Natural Supplement for Psoriasis

• A completely standardized product

• International Standard for quality-Manufacture under USFDA Norms

• Orally active

• Safe & Non-toxic

• Highly Efficacious-proved in pre-clinical and clinical studies

• Inhibits release of causative agents (cytokines)

• Regulator of immune response

• An innovative natural pharmaceutical

About Our Product-

• The 1st “Oral” TNF-Alpha down regulator

• Natural and patented

• Safe and efficacious

• Available in convenient dosage forms – Oral & Topical

• Inhibits inflammatory response

• Clinically proven in psoriasis patients

Available in TABLET & CREAM FORM

• Effective & Safe-Comparable to Biologics & systemic treatment

• Clinically validated through phase II & IV

Our Product is available for Regulatory filling & for Registration in Various markets

For Direct sales Enquiry, please contact us:

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• Contact no - + 91 22 40659200